At Rankin Spence, we have plenty of experience working with accounting teams, large and small. We know the roles and personalities that contribute to accurate and efficient financial reporting.

We work day-to-day with our clients and their employees to answer questions, solve problems and get things done. We can even help you hire the right people for the job.

And when extra support is needed, we are skilled and certified trainers and trouble-shooters. We can help make sure that everything from year-end to a new system implementation is handled with a minimum of stress and disruption for your accounting team


The right systems and processes are essential to deliver accurate accounting and meaningful business information.

At Rankin Spence, we are Certified ProAdvisors for QuickBooks Pro and Sage Accounting (formerly Simply Accounting) software. We can help you select, install, configure and maintain your accounting software. We can train your people to use it. And we can address issues, usually without having to engage software specialists at an extra cost to you.

We also maintain professional associations with APATC, IPBC, and CPA to ensure we are putting current industry knowledge and professional standards to work for you every day.


We work closely with a number of Chartered Professional Accountants and CPA firms. In fact, many of our clients are referred to us by our CPA colleagues because they appreciate the quality of our work.

How does that deliver value to you? Everything we do, from the configuration of your system and the coaching of your people to the maintenance of your files and preparation of your statements is executed with the goal of providing your CPA with a clean set of books at the end of the business cycle.